Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dat Sh*t Was REAL!!

The Very First video using Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera...
You'll get more details with this camera, a VERY AMAZING quality...
But it has 3 downsides, at least for me...

1. The Battery is draining SOOO FAST!!! Only last for 20-30 minutes or so.

2. The screen is really hard to see, so it's really hard to focus (eventhough after shot this skit, I found the zebra lol!) but still, it's hard to see and without zebra it's really hard to focusing and making sure the images is not blowing out...

3. The audio straight from the camera is unusable. so clearly need some external mic, which is exactly what pro camera should does anyway.

But OVERALL, for a Cinema Camera that shoots RAW and only $1000, this camera ROCKS!!
Unboxing video and review coming soon!  Also tutorial for the effect, and tutorial to color grade the Pro Res video using Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve!! (This one using Premiere Pro..)

How to Beat FLAPPY BIRD The Easy Way !!!


After Effects TUTORIALS : Put Yourself Inside a Plane Without a Ticket!

A tutorial for the "Wrong Ticket Disaster" video! :D

Dat Feeling When You Realize She Never Notice You

Dat Feeling When You Realize She Never Notice You! lol XD

Wrong Ticket Disaster!

Dat moment when you realized that you got the wrong ticket! lol XD