Sunday, November 9, 2014

After Effects Tutorial : How to do QuickSilver/ Flash Effect

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is coming with a new characters, one of them is QuickSilver....
But how if you got a brother with Quicksilver's Power?
Well, here ya go!! XD
Enjoy the video and the tutorial! :D
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

After Effects Series - QuickSilver in REAL LIFE!!

How if you got a brother with Quicksilver's Power?
Well, here ya go!! XD
Tutorial is coming tomorrow! :D
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Vision Color LUTs with CANON 5D Mark 2, 50mm 1.8 II & 24-105mm, Color Graded in Premiere Pro

Just taking my DSLR, 5D Mark 2 to my yard, and shoot stuffs :D
Look at dat bokeh with 50 mm 1.8 Lens!! WHOA!! XD
Color Graded in Premiere Pro with VisionColor Impluz LUTs and VisionColor Orisis LUTs.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

After Effects Tutorial : Color Grading with LUT + FREE LUT DOWNLOAD!!

Heya guys! :D
Today we are going to be learning about how to use LUT for color grading your video/movie/footage!
And also FREE LUTs for you guys!! :D
So, enjoy, I hope you find this useful, and LET'S GO DANCE TOGETHER!! :D


LINK 2 :


Saturday, October 25, 2014

After Effects TUTORIAL - How to Make Subject/Object Fly Using Wire Removal Effect!

So here's another After Effects Tutorial on the Series! :D
Do you ever wonder how Hollywood movies makes their Actors fly, or jump high, or jumped back when got hit by an explosion? Well the Wire Removal effects is the answer! And it's so simple and easy to do! :D
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Achieve Easy "FILM LOOK" With Fast Color Grading Tips

Heya guys!
I'm back with another Color Grading Tutorial and Tips, and this time, we gonna learn how to easily Color Grade your footage, with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera footage here, with a help of third party plug ins for Premiere Pro. And I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2014 here, so here we go! I hope you find it useful! :D

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Hey guys! :D
Halloween is almost here, so here it is some "cute" horror movie for y'all!! lol XD
There gonna be a LOTS of tutorials from this movie, so stay tuned, and thanks for watching and subscribing! :D
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This entire movie was shot with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

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FREE Premiere Pro CC Color Grading Presets for Cinestyle Picture Style (Canon DSLRs)

Hey what is up guys!! :D
Here's a FREE Color Grading presets for Cinestyle (Canon DSLR) picture style for Premiere Pro CC!! :D
WHY the giveaway? BECAUSE I'M SO HAPPY!!! LOL XD


Back up LINK :!2s5wHKAS!k76pkxVQiOAoo7a0vjay-dID7ahho4R-IJwvVpH8a5M



After Effects TUTORIALS - Rotoscoping, Roto Brush & Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted!

This time, we are going to learn about Rotoscoping using Roto Brush in After Effects. Roto Brush only available since After Effects CS5, and Refind Edge tool only available in After Effects CC & CC 2014 and above. Anyway, I hope you find this tutorial useful!! :D
Also, I accepted my friend's challenge!! Ice bucket challenge!! Muahaha XD Don't forget to donate to ALSA.ORG!
Thanks for watching, guys! :D
- Tara

After Effects TUTORIALS - Water Bending Effects/Water Effects (With Harry Potter Parody)

Water effects completely inside After Effects, no 3rd party plug ins or 3d software! Hope you find it useful! :D
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After Effects TUTORIALS - Day to Night & Sunny to Rainy

Another new After Effects tutorial Series!
Day to Night & Sunny to Rainy effects using After Effects!
No need to wait for a  rainy day to shoot rainy scene or night time to shoot a night scene if you got really low ISO on your camera!! Yaaay! XD
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After Effects TUTORIALS - Creating Realistic Ocean Scene

Another After Effects Tutorial series! :D
How to create realistic ocean water scene in After Effects!
Hope this'll helps you out!
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After Effects Series - TITANIC 2

TITANIC tragedy is happening all over again!!! lol
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All done in After Effects. Tutorial COMING SOON!

3Ds Max Tutorial : Render Realistic with Scanline Renderer & Compositing in After effects

Hey guys! I'm answering your question about my 3d rendering technique!
And here it is! Hopefully it'll helps you out! :D
Software used : 3ds max, After Effects, and After Effects Plug in : Red Giant Key Correct.
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My green screen tutorial with red Giant Key Correct :

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After Effects Series - Raptor Selfie!

Another After Effects Series! Selfie with Raptor! lol XD

After Effects TUTORIALS - Missile/ Meteor Effect with Trapcode Particular & After Effects 3D Tracker

Today in After Effect Tutorial Series, we will learn how to create Missile effects with 3rd party plug in for After Effects called Trapcode Particular from Red Giant Softwares.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

After Effects TUTORIALS : Harry Potter Apparate/ X-MEN Nightcrawler/ RE Wesker Teleport Effect

Another New Episode of After Effects Tutorials :
Harry Potter Apparate/ X-MEN Nightcrawler/ Resident Evil Wesker Teleport Effect!
This effect is very simple and easy! Hope you like it!! :D
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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Pro Res Color Grading Test with Davinci Resolve Lite

Just a Color Grading Test I did using Davinci Resolve Lite, the most powerful color grading software, and it's FREE! For the footage, I shot it with my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) with Pro Res quality. Look at the detail and HDR range this camera has! AMAZING! Not to say the price was only $995, this camera is UNBELIEVABLE!

Tutorial for color correcting and color grading with Davinci Resolve Lite Coming Soon!!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dat Sh*t Was REAL!!

The Very First video using Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera...
You'll get more details with this camera, a VERY AMAZING quality...
But it has 3 downsides, at least for me...

1. The Battery is draining SOOO FAST!!! Only last for 20-30 minutes or so.

2. The screen is really hard to see, so it's really hard to focus (eventhough after shot this skit, I found the zebra lol!) but still, it's hard to see and without zebra it's really hard to focusing and making sure the images is not blowing out...

3. The audio straight from the camera is unusable. so clearly need some external mic, which is exactly what pro camera should does anyway.

But OVERALL, for a Cinema Camera that shoots RAW and only $1000, this camera ROCKS!!
Unboxing video and review coming soon!  Also tutorial for the effect, and tutorial to color grade the Pro Res video using Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve!! (This one using Premiere Pro..)

How to Beat FLAPPY BIRD The Easy Way !!!


After Effects TUTORIALS : Put Yourself Inside a Plane Without a Ticket!

A tutorial for the "Wrong Ticket Disaster" video! :D

Dat Feeling When You Realize She Never Notice You

Dat Feeling When You Realize She Never Notice You! lol XD

Wrong Ticket Disaster!

Dat moment when you realized that you got the wrong ticket! lol XD