Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tara Putra and the Battle of Ages - a Harry Potter Fan Film (HD)

At last it uploaded!! Watch our newest short movie (a Harry Potter farewell tribute), Tara Putra and the Battle of Ages!!

Bloopers of Tara Putra and the Battle of Ages

Bloopers and Behind the Scene of Tara Putra and the Battle of Ages. Check it out! :D

Tara Putra and the Battle of Ages (Trailer)

Trailer for our newest vid. Check out the Trailer first!

Beach Justice, Tara Arts Movie Version

My version of freddiw's Beach Justice for his contest. Enjoy! :)

Harry Potter Spells Tutorial (After Effects)

Another great tutorial for After Effects!! Follow me!! :)

Tara Putra and the Lost Wand (HD)

My Harry Potter fan made serial movie. Watch and follow me!

Obama at Jakarta with Me & my Brother as His Bodyguards??

Me and my brother as Obama's bodyguards?? This video is more than proof!! XD

HALLOWEEN is not Scary?

Who says Halloween is scary? It's all in your mind, kids! :)

Ring of Time (Coming Soon!)

Our new Short Movie project : Ring of Time. Check out the trailer first!

DIMENSI (a DIMENSION Special Edition)

We currently editing a remake of our DIMENSION.. It's becoming "DIMENSI", and it'll be in Indonesian Language. Check out the trailer!

Green Screen Tutorial! (After Effects)

Having fun with Green Screen! :)

Me Singing SOMEWHERE from West Side Story in Indonesia's Got Talent!

Yes I can sing Opera,, actually Pop Opera, and I really love this song! :D

Dragon Ball Spirit Bomb Presets for After Effects!!

Another great free presets! Download from the link and watch the tutorial for install it!

Special Effects in 1 Minute, 1 Picture

Using 1 Photo, I made a couple of visual effects within 1 minute of time.

BALI, a Heavenly Indonesia's Island

Watch this video, and say : "hhhh... heavenly..."

Dragon Ball Aura Presets for After Effects!!

Download it here and watch the video for the tutorial :



High Quality version of our DIMENSION short movie!


What would happened if 2 idiot spies been fighting each other? Find out thru this video!

Bullet Hole Tutorial in After Effects!

Very helpful if you want to make some video involving guns and etc.!

Michael Jackson's "THE LEAN" Tutorial (After Effects)

Now you can do the lean effect!! But for video only! xp


Yes, I can produce KAMEHAMEHA! This video prove it all! LOL XD

Harry Potter Farewell Tribute : Tara Putra and the Lost Wand

Just a fan video made by me, for a Harry Potter farewell tribute! Enjoy to all of my viewers especially Harry Potter's fans! :)

Fire from Your Hand Tutorial! (After Effects)

Watch this two tutorials and you'll be able to produce fire from your hand!! No kidding!!! :D



PHOTOSHOP tutorial : Weight Loss / Body Makeover Tutorial

Watch my video explaining how to do it!

My 2nd After Effects Compilations!

Another visual Effects compilations. Enjoy! :)

FREE Color Correction Presets from Tara Arts Movie!! Part 2!!

Another free color correction presets!!

Download link :

Behind the Scene of DIMENSION

Behind the Scene of DIMENSION, our first short movie

DIMENSION, Our first short movie!

This is our first short movie ever made!! Watch it and follow the blog! :)

FREE Color Correction Presets from Tara Arts Movie!!

Who doesn't like free stuffs?? Well download it from the link down here and watch the video tutorial how to install and use it below :

PHOTOSHOP CS5, amazing Content Aware Feature!

Just a couple of pictures tested using Content Aware Feature in Photoshop CS5, Basically content aware is when you select a part from a photo and click delete, it automatically filled it up!! With a great result too!! :)

Harry Pottah and Some Lame Idiot, a Harry Potter SPOOF!

Just a regular spoof of Harry Potter's character, Hermione Granger. Yes she's so pretty that makes all of the guys around her becoming her stalker.. But none of them like this one!!


Who doesn't know THE DARK KNIGHT? That movie is brilliantly awesome.. with some-and-little-bit-actually-kinda-a-lots of unreasonable storyline, but yeah, it's good. And this is our spoof! :D

YOU CAN SHINE , a Wonderful Ads by PANTENE

Believe in yourself for you can Shine!!

BEARMINATORS, My first video using Special Effects!

So you've been mumbling about your visual effects skills? Don't worry, even we are not started it in a very good result! Check out our first video with Visual Effects!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


You probably knew TWILIGHT. But I can assure you, not this one!

My first After Effects Compilations!

Probably if you guys are my new fella, you wouldn't notice that, of course, me, too, are obviously came from a zero. I learned this very cool program called After Effects by my self, thru internet. So these are some compilations from my first edited videos with Special Effects that done in After Effects. Check it out!

Tara as Super Saiyan 4?

Not all of the people could be super saiyan 4, but since I have the blood... you know, the blood... sometimes I could turn to one!! Yes I skipped the golden big ape coz whenever I looked up on the mirror there already one! lol.. actually it's not funny at all. T_T


Have you ever thought, that some of the ALIENS, or maybe all of 'em are like this one?


What could be more shocking than when my brother tried to be a News Reporter?